mPTrim is basically a highly portable MP3 editor. It is a very easy to use an MP3 editor with no complicated or fancy graphics and waveform displays. It’s just a single dialogue box where everything which is needed happens. Though the program is just in a single dialogue box it has great functionality which makes it an interesting program to use. It allows you to do the basic edits for the MP3 video or audio. Using this program you can easily trim silent or unwanted parts from the beginning or end of a track. Moreover, you can do all this either manually or automatically.

In addition to this some of the other features of the program are as follows:

  • This program allows you to adjust the volume of your track, or make it fade in or out.
  • Secondly, you can clean up files by removing everything except the MPEG audio frames (and an ID3 tag) using mPTrim. The MPEG audio frames are basically compressing the file, just a little, as it sounds the same but the file size is smaller.
  • Moreover, the most convenient feature of the program is that it works directly in the MP3 format. Thus, it won’t affect sound quality by forever re-encoding the music (which makes it fast, too).
  • Furthermore, mPTrim also supports all the VBR files. It displays VBR+ when seek information is present and VBR (without plus) when it is missing. Seek information is required when you move to a particular point of an MP3.This information is also basically a part of the MPEG standard and has no effect on the music quality. It is not useful for continuous playback.
  • In addition to this, the mPTrim’s file size is expressed in raw bite size in the form of MPEG frames. So it becomes difficult to assert a particular limit of the size it can handle. But for instance MPEG 1 layer III at 44.1kHz, the program can read it in up to 7 minutes. This allows you to process most of your music tracks. The MPEG frame usage is shown in the ‘Advanced info’ dialog box of the program. For extended file support, you can also register mpTrim PE.
  • Professional users can use mpTrim PRO for additional features.

There are some problems with this program especially in the free version of it. The free version of the program takes a lot of time in opening MP3 files. For instance, it might take around seven minutes to open the files. One of the reasons it takes a lot of time is to persuade the users to spend $69.95 for the commercial mpTrim Pro. The mPTrim commercial Pro will remove the file size limitation, get you support for batch processing files, smarter digital silence detection, and other goodies. So for all the beginner users if you can tolerate with the length issue the regular mpTrim will prove to be a surprisingly capable editing tool. The length restriction sounds annoying but otherwise, it is a very useful MP3 tool.


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  1. I’ve used MpTrim in the past. Its a great audio editor. But the problem is that it only works with MP3. I;ve been using Audacity for a long time now

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