Top 12 Working Strategies For Google Adsense Approval

Google Adsense

Google AdSense! A standout amongst the most simplest, trusted and expert method for earning money by demonstrating your enthusiasm towards composing and sharing the learning. Google AdSense is trusted by numerous publicists and distributers from the previous couple of years, and as a rule they never acknowledge anybody arbitrarily who is attempting to apply for a record. You have to demonstrate to them the most expert approach of getting your record acknowledged, else Google will just toss your application aside. So before getting started, make sure you follow these guidelines:

1. Minimum Posts/Articles/Pages:

On the off chance that you are utilizing WordPress, ensure your site/blog has no less than 40 quality articles which are not replicated from anyplace else. Your substance on the articles ought to be amazingly rich and ensure you utilize pertinent pictures any place required. Attempt to incorporate two long articles of 2000 words every, which ought to be totally shocking while anybody understands them on your site. On the off chance that you are utilizing HTML site or some other non CMS variant of blog, ensure you have atleast 50 pages on your site in shape or articles or greeting pages.

In the event that you miss giving this any of the above data on your site, Google may dismiss your application saying Insufficient Content or Unacceptable Site Content. So ensure they see enough substance on your site before applying the program. The more the substance, the better odds of endorsement.

2. Prohibited Website Niches:

Measurements demonstrate that your record will experience a quicker endorsement handle in the event that you have more quality articles on Health, Internet Marketing, Business, Law, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Travel, Lifestyle and Social Media. Google will take your application as a genuine offense if your site contain any of the prohibited content:

  1. Adult content
  2. Content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization
  3. Recreational drugs and drug-related content
  4. Alcohol and tobacco-related content
  5. Healthcare-related content
  6. Hacking and cracking content
  7. Pages that offer compensation programs
  8. Misrepresentative content
  9. Violent content
  10. Weapon-related content
  11. Content that enables dishonest behavior
  12. Illegal content

3. No Third Party Ads or Programs:

Avoid Infolinks, Chitika, Yahoo Ads or whatever other outsider system to get the early introduction clean on your site. Ensure you put just the new substance and some consistent gadgets on the site.

4. Website Design and User Experience:

Keeping up a perfect outline with great route and client experience will help your odds of getting AdSense affirmed in the main endeavor itself. This is one of the significant rules where part of individuals miss the essentials. Google trusts that in the event that you keep up proficient shading plan on your site, the client may will to return and tap on the significant promotions which are shown under your substance.

5. Google Analytics Code:

Including Google Analytics code your site is a trusted element for the endorsement. Including Analytics onto your site demonstrate that you are effectively following your guests and is much genuine about the insights of your clients who visit your site. On the off chance that you haven’t made one, to enroll the program visit: . Once enlisted, get your following code by making new record under the records tab and enter your site name, URL and other required subtle elements. Put the code on every page of your site to track the information in a flash.

6. Google/Bing Webmasters Verification Page:

Much the same as Google Analytics, you have to try and confirm with Google Webmaster program, which has the entire access to your site in hunt viewpoint. With Google Webmaster Tools, you can track your site basic blunders and settle them every day. Click here to enlist: and tap on “Include a Site” to enter your site URL. Check your site possession through any of the prescribed technique and finish the procedure to keep your record working effectively.

Likewise, adding the Bing Webmaster Tools to your site will add more credibility to your domain. In spite of the fact that this rule is truly simple to perform, many individuals will get settled without knowing the significance of introducing these devices.

Adding these two verifications on your website code or server will show good results on search visibility as well.

7. XML Sitemap Page: 

Making a sitemap doesn’t take a lot of your time. On the off chance that you are utilizing WordPress, I prescribe Google XML Sitemaps By Arne Brachhold. Furthermore, in the event that you are utilizing whatever other stage, I prescribe you to checkout XML-Sitemaps site for more information. Introducing a sitemap on your site can web search tool bots to list your site speedier, which is again a trust element to bots about the site dependability.

8. Robots.txt

Creating Robots.txt file on your website will get rid of indexing unwanted junk onto Google.

9. Alexa Rank:

Before applying to AdSense, ensure your site worldwide Alexa positioning is under 400K for quicker approval.

10. Important Pages:

Google wants to know your identity before you signup to their AdSense program.

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Disclaimer Policy
  3. Terms of Usage
  4. Contact Us
  5. About Us (Write your name and address through which you applied the AdSense account)

In the about us section, clearly mention who you are, and why is this website made for, what is the benefit people get out of your website. The more clear, the better the chances of your approval. Keep your spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation clear when you do this.

11. Custom Domain and Email ID:

Once you have your own domain, create an email ID with your name (name at to apply the AdSense program.

12. Decent Traffic: 

I would always recommend you to stay until your website get a minimum of 50+ visitors per day.

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