Want to send a music file with WhatsApp for iPhone?

Need to send a music file with WhatsApp for iPhone? For Android clients it’s anything but difficult to send a song by means of WhatsApp, For iPhone clients, it’s another matter.

Here, I’ll take you through how to send an audio file with WhatsApp for iPhone using iZip Pro (iZip free version does not work).

How to send audio files using iZip Pro:

1. Install iZip Pro on your iPhone. Open the program.

2. Select Music Library.

Select Music Library from the menu

3. Open a folder (e.g. Albums).

Select a folder in the Music Library

4. Tap Select in the top right of the screen and choose the song you want to send with WhatsApp. At this point, Select will be replaced by Done.

Select the song you want to zip

5. Tap the Zip button at the bottom center of the interface. The app will compress the file.

Select the song and then zip

6. This will open the folder Local Files. From there, you can select the ZIP file you just created.

Select the ZIP file you just created

7. You’ll be asked Would you like to extract all files? Tap OK .

Do you want to unzip the file

8. This automatically creates and opens a folder in Local Files with the decompressed song. Then select the file .

Select the file to be opened with

9. Now, tap Open In (at the bottom center of the screen) and, from the choices that appear, select Open in WhatsApp.

Select Open in WhatsApp

10. It will open WhatsApp automatically. Select the user you want to send the MP3 to, and when it asks you to Send to [contact name], click on Yes.

Confirmation sending files to contact

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