5 best technological Gadgets of 2016

2016 has ended, a year full of technological revolution and a burst of novel innovations. For the start of 2017, we have compiled the 5 best gadgets that made their way into the market. From their design, use, applications, and implications, these gadgets have offered us a lot in terms of technology. While 2017 will bring far greater riches in terms of technology, let’s take a moment to celebrate the 5 best devices that rocked our heart in 2016.



Imagine a TV that rolls up like a sheet of paper, how thin would it have to be. Well, 2016 showed us exactly that with LG OLED TV. For techno maniacs, this was a treat in itself. The device can easily be rolled when used or straightened out for usage. It works exactly like a traditional TV except there are for more wireless features integrated. This TV actually gives you a glimpse of living in futuristic times. The graphics are superb and the design and dimension do not compromise on the quality a bit. LG introduced the device at CES and while there is still time before it becomes available for sale in the marketplace, there is a possibility that the company might even advance the same technology to mobile phones as LG also markets smartphones. That would be an interesting sight as we would be able to roll our mobiles phone whenever we needed them and put them back in our pockets or purses like parchments of paper!


Nano Drone

Drones have become famous for a number of reasons in the past and continue to mesmerize tech geeks. However, the Onagofly Nano drone, which is just 5 inch, has taken the tech world by storm. This small device can provide multiple uses for security as well as in the military. With obstacle avoidance technology this device can quickly maneuver its way around hindering objects such as trees and posts, moreover, it also has an incorporated camera for live screening that can give one a clear view of surrounding areas. This nano drone can be a great device for military services which require stealth and furtiveness to operate, however, the device might also be used by companies operating in illegal activities such as drug trafficking.



Virtual reality has been around for quite some time now, however, with Immersit, you can take it to the next level. Run free on the streets of new York with your partner in crime, go on car chases and fight bad guys ( or be the bad guy). The device allows you to virtually live your dreams. The integrated couch vibrates according to scenarios and moves in synchronization with the game or movie. The device works best with integrated with VR Google devices and gives an almost unreal realistic experience. Soon such Virtual reality devices may also become common and could easily be paired with our smartphones. Long distance relationship partners and friends can rejoice, it might feel and look as if your significant other is right in front of you. You might even be able to feel their touch!

Sensor wake

This unique device can reawaken your senses! The alarm clock keeps a check on your daily schedule and infuses the air with coffee or the morning beverage of your choice to wake you up. If you couldn’t wake up without a coffee being around you, then this device is almost the perfect technology for you in 2016. The alarm clock is slightly expensive, though, for almost $110 dollars. However, this digital clock may become your best friend if waking up is a hassle in the morning. For some people, though, their pets might just do the trick anyway!


No more trying to find the music that best suits your needs; Prizm does exactly that for you. It connects to your speakers and adapts according to your preferences. It also identifies the kind of music you listen to and then hounds for other music that may be similar in taste. The device was in kick starter and has scourged enough funding for its release! This may even be perfect for multiple people at the same time as the device can provide different music to every pair of headphones according to the likes of different people.

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