Alien ware 17: gaming with virtual reality

Virtual reality has become very popular in the entertainment world, from music, movies to video games, it’s applications are tremendous. Gamers all over the world wish to incorporate their skills utilizing this novel and intriguing technology, however, very few laptops support the innovation. Alienware has always been a cult favorite with gamers, offering immense features and superb control, graphics, storage, and speed. Luckily for gamers, the new Alienware 17 has the virtual reality that can bring you so deep into the gaming world, it will blow your mind! Alienware is a production of Dell which has scored quite a name in the laptop world. Dell also produces other electronics of superb quality, however, among laptops Alienware takes the trophy.


Superb design

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want a sleek looking laptop. While previous versions of Alienware lacked, aesthetic and promoted only their spectacular features for gaming, Alienware 17, brags design and style along with its specs. The cutting-edge laptop is made from sturdy anodized aluminum shell and the compounded with a magnesium alloy frame. This safeguards your LCD as well as protects your internal components.  The mysterious and elegant look of Alienware 17 is due to the angled front and side walls. A rear GPU exhaust vent allows heat to be dissipated without compromising on the look. The sheer black coating also has incorporated red LED lights, which give the laptop an almost bad ass look. It’s mysterious and it looks dangerous, which is perhaps why so many people love it so much.


Amazing processor and power

For gamers, the number one concern is how the processor works. The absolute worst thing that can happen is being in an intense match only to find your laptop is heating up at an alarming pace. With 4th generation Intel core i7, gamers get so much speed and optimal performance. This means you can easily pack up for those intergalactic battles without fearing to overcook your laptop. Not just that, but the performance is so smooth, you’ll be out doing an action without even feeling like it’s a game. With virtual reality, this aspect will become even more profound. The laptop has an 8 cell battery which is on a single charge and you can easily spend the entire day gaming if that’s what your heart desires, without any disturbances. Video games such as Assassins creed and action packed games depend on a lot of interactive environments and performance. If your laptop is slow, the entire user experience can go down the drain, that is where this laptop comes in handy, by turning on lightning-fast FXAA anti-aliasing, you get superb image quality and even better performance. The adaptive sync also limits image tearing and merges games seamlessly in interactive surroundings.

Audio and video experience

What good would virtual reality video settings be, if they were not supplemented with cinema sound straight from the laptop? Luckily, Alienware 17 is well endowed in this department. The speakers are certified by sound engineers from Klipsch and Has Dolby home theater v4 software download prior to purchase. This allows you to bring games to almost life, the superb game video quality and audio settings, with immensely exceptional game quality, is one of the best things you want to experience as a gamer. This laptop really is the next level, and with anti-glare full HD display, your 3D gaming can even become better. The laptop is pretty much versatile in every department, and one can only imagine what’s left for Dell to improve in Alienware.


For gamers, the release of Alienware 17 with Virtual reality was one of the best things to happen in 2016. It offers so much in terms of performance and entertainment, that one can’t fathom where the laptop would go wrong. However, there is one drawback, Alienware 17 is very expensive, much so from other equally qualified laptops on the market. There are other companies not as popular as Dell making better laptops for less the price, however, Dell comes with a guarantee of quality, and that is perhaps why it is so advanced in the gaming market. It’s yet to see how the company could further improve its laptop in the future, but with better processors, audio and video features, it might just out do itself in the future.

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  1. Even though i prefer Desktop. This thing looks amazing. Alienware has some of the best/aesthetic laptop in the industry for sure.

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