Call of duty infinite warfare: the video game of the season

2016 had been a great for entertainment, with a number of blockbuster movies and TV shows hitting the marketplace. For the gaming world, 2016 brought with numerous games that left the public utterly satisfied. As soon as these much-anticipated video games hit the shelf, they were cleaned out by excited customers. Among these games was the new Call of Duty Infinite warfare, the ultimate gamer’s paradise. This game brought with it a whole new world of features and characteristics, making it the video game of the season. Infinite Warfare is first person shooter game that has been created by infinity ward and was published by Activision. The game works seamlessly on PlayStation 4, Xbox and Microsoft windows. The game has received an overall rating of 8/10 from the game spot and 7/10 from trusted reviews, and while these might not seem spectacular, there are many hidden gems in the game that gamers perhaps did not make note of.


The story line

If sci-fi story lines pull you with intensity, then Infinite warfare is the ultimate treat for you. The game consists of an epic cast, and takes the glamor away from the futuristic surrounding, however, if you pay attention to close details, the environment created is nothing short of outstanding. The cast fights an intergalactic war, and the interactive video game provides you entertainment infused with a purpose. The campaign starts off with a classic sci-fi opening, emphasizing how the colonization of earth and its dwarfing resources have urged humanity to colonize alien planets. However, as contemplated the other planets aren’t easy to settle into, with settlement defense front, restricting humans from moving towards their planet. Your mission is often clear, get rid of the encumbrance and colonize the new planet. One of the best aspects about infinite wartime is the depth of the characters, the back story line provided to each cast gives them a unique and interesting background that helps the player relate to the character. Moreover, the almost human-like emotions provided to characters through them displaying moments of regret, happiness and urgency also help the player connect better with the character. One of the greatest moments in the game are the jokes cracked by robot and co-pilot  Ethan, which makes the grim situation seem a little light, a friendly reminder that it’s just a game.


Superb graphics and features

Call of Duty has been outdoing itself in terms of graphics, and the outer space and intergalactic war environment bring about various shades of colors that enliven the entire experience of gaming. It’s a real treat for the senses, really it is. The sheer smoothness of the game also adds to the user experience and greatly increases the excitement of playing. The audio and video quality are impeccable and with good quality headpieces, you are often transported into the outer world. The game and it’s storyline provide a perfect base to implement seamless graphics, and at times it almost seems as if the colors and surrounding voices and features merge in perfectly, like in real life.


The Unique side missions

While side missions can often be overlooked and ignored while playing, the creators have put in a great deal of effort to make these intriguing. These can take the user experience to a whole new different level and gives the player memorable moments to remember. One such mission is an assassination plot where the player has to masquerade himself as an SDF soldier. The fun and playful banter with mission partner are one of the most enjoyable moments and lets you live the experience of a fight mission. These side missions also provide you with limited chances to pilot the ship, while the main story line does not provide you with an opportunity. It’s a great experience to take part in additional fights and kill your opponents all by yourself. If you’re skipping all side missions, you are probably missing out on a lot of enjoyable opportunities.


Overall, Call of Duty infinite wartime is definitely among the top video game picks released this season. While some reviews might not be portraying it as such, it is the subtle features in this great video game that merge together and provide an exceptional gaming experience, it’s all about noticing the details!

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