How the internet aids criminal activity

The internet has always been regarded as a boon for technological advancement, cited as the reason behind major innovations and achievements in the last ten years. The Internet has aided in the burgeoning of the world’s economy, it has uplifted global marketing, provided a plethora of information and has connected friends and family members living in different parts of the world. However, could the internet be responsible for aiding criminal activity? It might be all too true, just as the internet provides us with a range of information at the palms of our hands; it also opens doors to criminal masterminds that harness the power of this useful innovation for illegal means.


Cyber hackings

Almost all the banks operating nowadays around the world have digitalized their resources and shifted towards internet banking. E-commerce not only saves resources but also greatly improves efficiency and enhances time management. Large scale companies also make numerous transactions over the internet and most of these companies have shifted towards cloud-based storage applications for their convenience. As these cloud applications work on wireless connections, they make perfect prey for cyber attacks. Cyber criminals can hack into private accounts and gather sensitive information such as credit card details and PIN numbers. Through internet banking, these robbers can pilfer money worth millions of dollars and leave companies scratching their heads in confusion. Many companies have become targets of such online theft, and while security has improved overall, the way the internet works provides a perfect medium for criminals to easily gather information. These hackings can get far more dangerous if military and intelligence agencies are involved and sensitive information of a country is leaked to an enemy.


Malicious bugs

The internet is rife with dangerous viruses and bugs that can potentially hard devices. These pesky bugs can easily be downloaded from the internet and can perform various functions on laptops and smartphones. In some cases, the efficiency of a device greatly compromises, however, in more extreme cases these viruses and Trojans can be used to leak sensitive information back to the hacker. Moreover, these viruses may also hamper with the internal workings of the device and force it into a complete shutdown. There have been countless cases of these occurrences in the past, the motives range from criminal to petty; however, a loss of resources is always constant in every case.


Pedophilia and cyber bullying

Before the internet was introduced to the public, experts raved about the applications and benefits it would offer to the world. While many negatives were contemplated, not many people deliberated the freedom it would provide to pedophiles and bullies. The internet provided these criminals a veneer behind which they could hide and continue to commit their heinous acts. With the internet, social media sites became common, and many older men started portraying themselves as young people befriending teenage and even underage children, often luring them into their traps under false pretenses. Moreover, the internet provided these monsters with personal information about their victims which further made their work easy. The internet also allowed people to pour their frustrations and anger at people by hiding behind screens. If people thought words couldn’t harm, the internet showed just how wrong they could be. Cyberbullying allowed insecurities to be pointed out, emotions to be ravaged and an alarming increase in suicide rates. If that wasn’t bad enough, these criminals could get away with the act if they had used a fake profile, and with the internet using fake identities was all too common. The internet provided another outlet for pedophiles to exhibit their turpitude, child pornography was sold to pornographic sites without checks and easily made available to criminals. The sales of these malicious videos not only wrecked a child’s life but also promoted immorality and a downfall of morals in a society.


While the internet might be the biggest contender behind the advancement of technology and burst of innovation, it has also brought with it an outlet utilized by criminals worldwide. It has allowed cyber criminals, petty trouble causers, pedophiles and bullies to grow ever stronger than before. However, if because of the double-edged nature of the internet, it might be possible to use this device against these wrongdoers.

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