Self-driving Mercedes: Car of the future

Mercedes Benz F015 feature

Self-driving cars have been abuzz in the news for quite sometimes, these futuristic cars offer us the perfect technology that takes away the pains of driving to and fro from our destination. Many big names have jumped on the bandwagon including Google and BMW; however, Mercedes-Benz is investing millions into producing the ultimate and sleek self-driving car, luxurious enough to make royalty envious. Mercedes-Benz F 015 is a class in motion and offers a plethora of features not available in earlier models. From its superb finish to its exceptional usability, this car is definitely the future of style.


Autonomous and safe

The autonomous car provides a unique opportunity to travel in a self-driving car. This car relies on state of the art technology and artificial intelligence to cerebrally make use of internal devices as well as an external stimulus to steer on roads and avoid obstacles. The video cameras take note of speed limits and other external road signs, whereas audio commands from the passenger also help the car in its movement. The autonomous car depends on geo-location to track its routes, and maneuvers to find the safest and the quickest routes possible to get to a point. This self-driving car is perfect for day to day mundane activities such as driving to work and back. Moreover, the car also incorporates Siri-like digital intelligence that can interact with passengers, making the ride smooth and as interesting as possible. The passengers could watch TV, listen to music or work in the car while the car commutes to destinations.

Mobility revolution

The car is designed to provide a seamless experience and smooth ride. The four-seater incorporates core elements of the Mercedes design but also includes some interesting new features. Comfort and luxury have clearly been the most important components that were kept in mind when making this vehicle. From the car seat leather to the superb engine, every bit of Mercedes Benz F015 is oozing with opulence. The creator of this ‘Merc’ defines it as intelligence and luxury compiled as one.

Spend quality time with friends and family

The car is designed such that efficient interaction between passengers can easily take place. It allows people to drink, eat, chat, watch videos and play games. This gives families a unique opportunity to spend some quality time with one another such as on the way to school or work. This vehicle is perfect for businessmen who are always on the run from one place to another as it gives a great opportunity to save time. Personal meetings can be held inside the car and the entire vehicle is technology friendly, which means network connection and wireless devices would work seamlessly inside. For urban areas where traffic is a hassle and people are stuck for hours, a lot of time is wasted. Autonomous cars provide a great opportunity to utilize this time well and still be able to work inside, even if you’re stuck in a bad traffic situation! The car has an internal luxury lounge which can also be used as a special time to relax and unwind. The insides are spectacular and the wooden floor provides an almost unreal house like feel to the inside of the car. You can easily enjoy a nice cold beverage without drunk driving under influence being an issue.

Digital space within

One unique theme of the internal design is the digital-friendly zone that allows you to be constantly connected with the outside world. There are six digital displays installed and are uniquely mounted on side walls. The integration of the modern and virtual world seems almost magical. Through high-resolution screens, passengers can interact with the artificial intelligence, scroll through social media or plan their weekly timetables. It’s perfect for nearly everyone!


The Mercedes F015 is the ultimate car of the future, spectacular design integrating the novel artificial intelligence that allows for self-driving cars to become a reality. Bringing comfort and luxury into one, this car can be utilized by anyone, not just car fanatics or businessmen. In fact, this vehicle could serve even well as a family car, providing something for everyone!

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