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Clone DVD

There are many applications and software’s on the market that aim to provide free movies and good quality videos available without the fees, however, most of these applications are loaded with malicious ware or are scam sites. Clone DVD is a reliable software that can create superb picture quality DVD backups.  You can copy anywhere from the main title to the entire DVD, and it copies seamlessly. You can even compress a very lengthy footage that has been prepared at high speeds into a tremendous quality backup. This is done using a special transcoding technology, where you have the liberty to choose the final size of the footage as well as audio, video settings.

While Clone DVD2 may seem like very specialized and complex software, it is very easy to use even by beginner users. The cloneDVD’s intuitive filmstrip assistant is handy at assisting you through all the favorable configuration settings. It also gives you the leverage of choosing which chapters you want to keep and the option of removing the ones you do not want in the video section. With a visual quality bar, you can also diligently choose the video quality you want your film strip to have.

The app can be downloaded onto the PC or laptop, and requires fees, however, it is very economical for the quality it offers.


  • Speed and quality: When videos are reduced at high rates the speed often suffers, but with Clone DVD2, the speed actually improves. Moreover, the visual quality remains super, and can even be adjusted through video bars. You can even change the title and select the language you want your video titles to appear in.
  • Numerous options for an overview: Clone DVD 2 gives you a lot of freedom to choose which file videos you want to include in the overall video or the one’s you want to cut out. This can easily be used for PG-13 movies, to clean them up for family use. You can also choose to exclude the original menu and add your own menu. There are options for trimming of the chapters, such as very long documentaries and splitting and joining them wherever you please. This can be very useful for projects and other work.
  • Language selection options: these options allow you to choose the language in your titles as well as in other features. This option can be great for dubbing videos as well as creating multi-cultural movies and music videos.
  • Ease of use: The software is very easy to use, especially for beginners. With an assistant guiding you through every step, you can choose the right settings to use. You can also understand which setting will work for your video and which will cause the quality of the video to deteriorate. The memory of the software saves the last settings used and uses these for future sessions if no changes are made.
  • Quality guaranteed: Clone DVD 2 offers layer break flag removal which preserves the quality of videos while cloning. You can preview the movie while you work on the coding and working, and real-time bitrate and frame statistic options are also available. Remixing options are also present.
  • Broad compatibility: the software can work with most DVD players and DVD±R/RW media, it is very stable overall and will not require an additional ASPI driver to work seamlessly. It is compatible with windows XP, XP64, VISTA, windows 7 and more.



  • Slightly less economical: Clone DVD 2 is not free as many other converters and DVD clones are on the market. However, it offers so many features that are not present in other DVD clone softwares.
  • Requires large storage data: the software requires at least 5 GB of an available hard drive to install the software. However, given the specifications and features of the software, it isn’t surprising to see that the software would require this much space.


Clone DVD 2 is a superb software for people interested in cloning and copying movies and videos. It offers a range of features and tremendous options that allow you to choose settings for optimum quality of videos. Overall, this is a great purchase for movie fanatics and movie shop owners.

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