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Sufer Game Tips & Tricks

Subway surfer is a much-loved game among young children, teenagers and even adults. The game has been a part of play store for quite a while reaching high ratings. This action-packed game appeals to the enthusiastic and fun games. The concept of the game is running from cops and avoiding obstacles and gaining coins on the way. The video game also allows the protagonist to gain special features such as jets, to reach higher distances. You must jump and steer the skateboarding player through all sorts of places, from jumping atop buses to soaring above electric lines and finally under traffic signs. The game is more challenging that it might seem and one requires tact to reach upper levels. As with increase in distance and time, you reach a higher score, and there are all sorts of trick and tips available to help you reach greater levels.


Get a free Miami special skateboard

Skateboards are a great tool in getting to greater distances and avoiding more obstacles in subway surfer. To get a free special board, all you need to do it go and change the date and time on your device to May 30, 2013. This is the day that the board was awarded to players. You must start the game again and look at board sections. Your new Miami special board will be waiting for you. Keep caution that due to a lot of updates it might be possible that this feature no longer works, however, it cannot hurt to try, can it?

Jetpack jumps:

In subway surfer, a lot of times the key to getting rid of the following policeman is to jump high in front of busses. While this strategy works, it also may pave the road for an early defeat as a lot of times you may not be able to jump too high and hit the bus instead. With jetpacks, you not only jump high but can also conquer greater distances. This subway trick lets you jump super high utilizing a jetpack. To use this trick, find a jet pack and don it, next fly around till the jetpack runs out of fuel, swipe up after you grab the last coin. While in the air, jump up and this will allow you to land on top of a train. This will allow you to reach exceptional distance!

Change course of the jetpack smoke

Changing the direction of the jetpack smoke also allows you to gain more points. However, you need the bouncer hoverboard to do this tip. While on the hoverboard, you turn the bouncer around, and while still on it, you pick a jetpack. This gives super speed. While any jetpack can work for this trick, an upgraded jetpack works best in this case.  You can also turn the hoverboard invisible! All you must do it die after initiating the game in the next few seconds, however, before dying, click mega head start and turn it on, at this moment you’ll start to fly in the opposite direction. You will land on the hoverboard and it will turn invisible. This is not an easy trick to do and you might need extra practice to complete it and master it.

Tips for subway surfer players:

Subway surfer may seem like a challenging game at first, but with these tips and tricks, you will reach high points in no time!

In order to excel at the game, you should stay above obstacles more than you stay on the ground. This allows you to steer clear of police mans and helps you avoid more obstacles.

You should make yourself familiar with hoverboards and power-ups, this can really amp up your game and allow you to reach higher levels. While you’re high in the air, you should gain as many coins as possible. Getting more coins will allow you to purchase better products such as more jets and boards.

You should also keep a look out for upgrades. Upgrading multiplier and super sneaker power up and jetpacks will allow you to take advantage of the latest features. This will make your game far more exciting and will give you the power to reach higher levels in no time.

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