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Write impressum for your Facebook page. Facebook impressum feature is available under the Facebook page description setting. Impressum is necessary for pages in certain countries like Germany. If you are an admin of a Facebook page then you can find this feature in your Facebook page. For this go to page setting of the page for which you want to add Facebook page Impressum. You will see there is an option saying add impressum to your Facebook page. Facebook page impressum will be added to your Facebook page description. It was not available earlier for Facebook pages.

What is Impressum For Facebook Page?

Impressum is a general terms for many things. What is the meaning of facebook impressum for your page? If you use Facebook regularly then you might have noticed some activity on Facebook. Some activities which is saying what is the meaning of Facebook impressum for page, how to add Facebook impressum for your page. I will clear all your queries related to this in this article.

If you are the owner of a Facebook page then you can add your service’s little information with keywords highlighting your services and specialization. Example pages for this can be as “Legal disclosure” or “Legal notice” or “Site Notice”, for websites.  This can be a little short info for your site.

How to Write Best Impressum for Facebook page

As I have already explained the meaning of Facebook impressum to you. You might be thinking now how to write a best Facebook page impressum for your Facebook page. Facebook page impressum should be as short as possible because people want to know about your in a less time. My suggestion is you should try to add five or six words in your facebook page impressum. These five or six words should clearly explain who your are, what are your services. I mean to say your main keywords.

Now let look at the main thing you need to consider for writing a good Facebook page imprint or impressum.

  1. Your company name(obviously)
  2. Your present address from where you work.
  3. Contact information where users can connect to you and get solved any query if they had.
  4. You can also consider to give info about the company owner and manager
  5. A direct link to your company website and its impressum page
  6. Registration number for your company

In these days Facebook pages impressum are becoming viral in Facebook world. Everybody wants to increase their Facebook page likes to increase their reach. If you have a good Facebook page impressum then it is more likely that people will like your page. Facebook page impressum for your page should be unique.

If the people wants to know about you they can simply click on the about us button. Facebook page impressum will be shown to them.

How to Add Facebook page impressum to Facebook page

First important thing for Facebook users is to pick up an attractive and easily remember-able name for their Facebook page.  Don’t use fancy terms to your Facebook page impressum. If people can know you easily this is the best things for your business or company. You should be creative on your Facebook page. People love creativity. Don’t just try to copy paste from somewhere and get stick it to your page. If you truly express yourself in your Facebook fan page and people like your ideas then definitely people will like your page.

Steps for writing Facebook page impressum for your Facebook page

  1. First thing get prepared your Facebook page impressum. Facebook page impressum should describe who you are, what you do, and all things about your company / page / website.
  2. Go to top of your page. Select ‘edit page’. Then select ‘update page info’. Please do remember that this option is available in desktop version. In mobile version of Facebook page impressum, Facebook provides very few options. So prefer for desktop version for this work.
  3. Fill the info in the long description section of your page.
  4. If all done then Click on the ‘save changes’.

When you will see Impressum section, Maybe you will thing that what I add info in the Impressum section. Because it’s a Latin word, You can see any apps for Facebook impressum generator English But don’t worry, you can do it easily, Jut adds a few words about your services in that section. For example, if your Page all about Fashion, Then you can fill A Page About Fashion product and Fashion News and New Fashion Trends in that section. It’s complete and short info which showing all information, Its best example of Facebook Page or sample.

Conclusion on Impressum in Facebook Page

I hope this article on Facebook page impressum has cleared all your doubts on Facebook page impressum. If your are in the Facebook from a long time you’re your might know this but most of my friends on Facebook face this problem. So I decided to write on impressum on Facebook. Please tell us what you think about this cool feature of Facebook pages. If you have still some queries about Facebook page impressum then please let us know them in comments.

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