January 2017

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  • Samsung Galaxy

    Galaxy S6 edge 128GB

    A Design, Inside and Out Samsung has been in the business of making phones for two decades, and never in this time has it made a phone that looks or feels as good as the Galaxy S6 (GS6).With slim, lightweight, full metal and glass construction, the sleek, dual curved Galaxy S6 edge is crafted from […]

  • TeamViewer

    TeamViewer 12.0.71503 A Full Review

    TeamViewer is my favorite free remote access program. It’s filled with features you don’t normally find in similar products, is very easy to use, and works on pretty much any device. You can download and use TeamViewer on a Windows, Mac, Linux, or mobile device. Download TeamViewer [Teamviewer.com] Read on for more on all the details […]

  • K-Lite Codec Pack

    Can’t See Some Of Your Videos? K-Lite Codec Pack Solution

    K-Lite Codec Pack Full upgrades your system’s media capabilities with a full package of high-performance audio and video codecs that can play just about anything. This free pack is more than a collection of filters: It also includes a variety of tweaks, options, and extras. Multiple installation and setup options let you choose the whole […]

  • Internet Download Manager Review

    Of course it goes without saying that Internet is the most amazing place for everybody because you can find almost everything you need there. But after searching and finding something interesting every computer user has the same problem- and the name of this problem is a file download. Not everyone has a reliable or speedy […]

  • Sufer Game Tips & Tricks

    Tips and tricks for subway surfer

    Subway surfer is a much-loved game among young children, teenagers and even adults. The game has been a part of play store for quite a while reaching high ratings. This action-packed game appeals to the enthusiastic and fun games. The concept of the game is running from cops and avoiding obstacles and gaining coins on […]

  • Clone DVD

    Clone DVD 2

    There are many applications and software’s on the market that aim to provide free movies and good quality videos available without the fees, however, most of these applications are loaded with malicious ware or are scam sites. Clone DVD is a reliable software that can create superb picture quality DVD backups.  You can copy anywhere […]

  • Trending Hot Popular

    Alien ware 17: gaming with virtual reality

    Virtual reality has become very popular in the entertainment world, from music, movies to video games, it’s applications are tremendous. Gamers all over the world wish to incorporate their skills utilizing this novel and intriguing technology, however, very few laptops support the innovation. Alienware has always been a cult favorite with gamers, offering immense features […]

  • The dangerous side of social media

    The social media has often been hailed as the greatest innovation that has brought us closer to our loved ones. Friends and family sitting thousands of miles away can relate to ease and distance has lost its sting. Just by scrolling through our Facebook feed we can get a clear glimpse into the lives of […]

  • How the internet aids criminal activity

    The internet has always been regarded as a boon for technological advancement, cited as the reason behind major innovations and achievements in the last ten years. The Internet has aided in the burgeoning of the world’s economy, it has uplifted global marketing, provided a plethora of information and has connected friends and family members living […]

  • 5 best technological Gadgets of 2016

    2016 has ended, a year full of technological revolution and a burst of novel innovations. For the start of 2017, we have compiled the 5 best gadgets that made their way into the market. From their design, use, applications, and implications, these gadgets have offered us a lot in terms of technology. While 2017 will […]

  • Why security is important for your internet connection

    The internet is rife with malicious software’s and viruses that could render your devices damaged. Not only can these sneaky bugs hide in online websites but can also make way for your smartphone or laptop through various downloads. The internet can serve a myriad of purposes; however, it may become a perfect medium for these […]